Welcome to Oshkosh Marriage and Family Therapy Center LLC. It can be difficult at times to reach out for therapeutic help because we worry about stigma and judgments. We hope that when you enter this center, you feel like your concerns matter and that you matter.

Our group of social workers and therapists offer empathetic therapeutic care to children, adolescents, individuals, couples, and families. We feel that therapy is a collaborative process where we work with each client to meet their personalized goals. This organization prides itself on having a foundation built from the systemic perspective which means we take into consideration a client’s family, work, school, friends, and greater community to see how these systems may be impacting the client’s current situation.

This organization offers many models and techniques in order to best serve our clients. A few models are the narrative perspective, structural family therapy, cognitive-behavioral therapy, mindfulness, strength-based, and solution-focused therapy; among others.

***If you are a parent seeking therapy for your child or family therapy for you and your child and are divorced, you will need to bring a copy of your most recent custody agreement to OMFTC prior to your intake session. Both you and your divorced partner will need to sign off on the informed consent form.***

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