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Amanda Amanda's PictureAnderson, LMFT-IT – Therapist

“As a member of the Oshkosh community, ensuring that people get quality therapy is a primary goal for me. I want people to know that when they come to see me, I am fully present with them. Although we may engage in activities such as play therapy and art therapy, just to name a few, my focus is on them and where they are in the process of dealing with what brings them to therapy.”

“I have been married since 2010 to a supportive partner. I garden, mostly growing the ingredients for homemade salsa. When the weather permits, I enjoy bicycling, going for walks, going for motorcycle rides, and just being outside. When the weather does not permit being outdoors, I enjoy baking and playing video and computer games.”

Wisconsin Trainee License (required to obtain 3,000 hours before state MFT license can be obtained): 435-228

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Email: amandaanderson@omftc.com