Oshkosh Marriage and Family Therapy Center, LLC became an LLC in December of 2016. Its current location at 2211 Oregon Street, Suite A2 was selected in February of 2017. The soft launch for OMFTC was March 15, 2017.

I have two main goals for OMFTC: 1) to provide quality therapy and 2) to provide a safe space in which to discuss feelings, thoughts, behavior, and interactions. My mission for OMFTC is for clients to improve their lives by moving into healthier connections with others.

I owe a large part of what I have accomplished to my husband and my parents. Without their support this dream would have stayed just that, a fantasy in my head. I also have numerous friends to thank for all the help in starting up that they provided from helping me establish the toys that make up my playroom to donating some furniture. My heart will be eternally grateful to all of you.